The Boone County Health Center serves six counties in north-central Nebraska: Boone, Antelope, Greeley, Madison, Nance, and Wheeler. There are twelve communities and 10,000 residents within the service area.

Below are communities served by the BCHC:

Boone County

Albion - pop. 2,000. Albion is the county seat of Boone County and the "Gateway to the Sandhills."
Albion website

Cedar Rapids - pop. 438
Cedar Rapids website

Petersburg - pop. 388
Petersburg website

Primrose - pop. 69

St. Edward - pop. 822

Antelope County

Elgin - pop. 731
Neligh - pop. 1,742

Greeley County

Greeley - pop. 562
Spalding - pop. 592

Madison/Platte Counties

Newman Grove - pop. 787
Newman Grove website

Nance County

Fullerton - pop. 1,452
Genoa - pop. 1,082
Genoa website

Wheeler County