Health Center Accepts Dr. Hupp Resignation - Press Release


The Boone County Health Center accepted the resignation of Dr. Bradley Hupp from the medical staff. Dr. Lynette Kramer, Chief of Medical Staff at the Hospital announced that the hospital and medical staff accepted with regret Dr. Hupp's resignation. "Dr. Hupp has been an integral part of the growth of our Health Center and area medical clinics for many years and we are deeply saddened by his departure and his family. The medical staff at the Health Center wish them the very best. Dr. Hupp has fulfilled many roles throughout his career here and we will strive to continue to meet the needs of his patients and communities he served," said Dr. Kramer. Dr. Hupp has accepted a position in Venice, Florida. He and his family will be moving to the area in early to mid summer.

Dr. Hupp has been on staff at the Health Center for seventeen years. He began in 1995 upon completion of his Family Practice Residency. "The Hospital and communities have been fortunate to have the continuity of his services for so many years. He has added to the number of new services and overall growth of the hospital. As a family, both he and his wife have invested their time into community projects that make our towns more viable. Many small hospitals see a turnover in staff regularly but we haven't, and we were fortunate to have Dr. Hupp for many years. This is an opportunity for him and his family but he will be missed," said Vic Lee, President and CEO of the Health Center.

Dr. Hupp will continue to practice full-time and see patients at both the Elgin Veteran's Medical Clinic and the Albion Medical Clinic until his departure. Letters are being sent out to Dr. Hupp's patients asking them to contact their local clinics to have their records transferred to a medical provider of their choice when the time comes. If any patients have any questions or concerns, they should feel free to contact staff at those clinics for help.

Dr. Hupp graduated in 1992 from the University of Nebraska Medical School and completed his Family Practice Residency in 1995 at the Lincoln Family Practice Program. Dr. Hupp is certified as a Senior Examiner with the Federal Aviation Administration. This advanced distinction allows Dr. Hupp to examine pilots for overall fitness and certify them for flight.