Specialty Clinics & Visiting Physicians

The Boone County Health Center coordinates with other regional and medical centers to offer a variety of specialists. Most routine procedures and tests ordered by a provider can be safely performed at the Health Center. This saves patients hours of travel time.

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First time patients must have a referral from their primary care provider. To schedule an appointment, call your primary care provider's office or message them through your patient portal.

Current specialty clinic patients can use the information below to schedule an appointment:

Contact Information

Aesthetics Services S. Henry PA-C 402-395-5013
Allergy Dr. Kinberg 402-464-5969
Audiology Dr. Foss 1-800-329-2101
Cardiology BryanLGH Heart Institute 402-395-3156
Creighton Cardiology 402-395-3156
Counseling (Telehealth) UNMC Therapist 402-395-3247
Ear, Nose & Throat Dr. Novotny 402-395-3180
Dr. Weekly 402-395-3180
General Surgery Dr. Luebbe 402-395-3180
Dr. Schneider 402-395-3180
Nephrology (Telehealth) Dr. Weitzmann 402-395-3180
Neurosurgery Dr. Bixenmann 402-395-3180
OB-GYN Dr. Albin 402-395-3180
Oncology Dr. Peterson 402-395-3180
Oncology (Telehealth) Dr. Ramaekers 308-398-5707
Orthopedic / Sports Medicine Dr. Cimpl 402-395-3180
Dr. Volkmer 402-395-3180
Podiatry Dr. Borer 402-395-3180
Psychiatric Services Dr. Faust 402-395-3109
(Telehealth) Dr. McWilliams 402-395-3109
Pulmonology Dr. Stritt 402-460-5787
Urology Dr. Yohannes 402-395-3180
Wound Care Dr. Kohl 402-395-3180

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Telehealth is the delivery of health-related services and information via telecommunications technologies.